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Administrative License Revocation

WARNING! If you have been charged with refusal to submit to a breath or blood test, or if you provided a breath sample with a B.A.C. of .08 or higher if over 21 years of age, or .02 or higher if under 21 years of age, your driver's license or privilege to drive will be revoked twenty (20) days after your arrest, unless you make a written request for a hearing within ten (10) days of your arrest.

Under New Mexico Law, your New Mexico driver's license can be administratively revoked for a violation of the New Mexico Implied Consent Act. (New Mexico Statutes ยงยง 66-8-105 to 66-8-112)

The Administrative Revocation is completely separate and unrelated to your criminal case. It is important that your request a hearing regarding the proposed revocation, or your license will be revoked.

Duration of Revocation

The duration of the administrative revocation depends on four factors: whether you submitted to chemical testing , your age and breath score, the type of vehicle you were driving, and your driving history.

If you refused breath or blood testing the revocation will be:

arrowone (1) year in duration.

If you submitted to breath or blood testing and are:

arrowover twenty one (21) years of age and the test result was .08 or greater, the revocation will be six (6) months in duration.

arrowunder twenty one (21) years of age and the result was .02 or greater, the revocation will be one (1) year in duration.

arrowdriving a commercial motor vehicle and the result was .04 or greater, the revocation will be one (1) year in duration.

If you have previously had your license administratively revoked:

arrowthe revocation will be one (1) year in duration.

Albuquerque License Revocation Hearings

License Revocation Hearings for Albuquerque and Bernalillo County are held at The MVD Office Located at 801 4th Street NW, Suite K . The Office is located in "The Shops at Metro Park," which are in the Metro Park Parking Structure just north of the Metro Court. Make Sure that you arrive at least ten minutes early for your hearing.

Click here for a map to the Metro Court

Requesting a Hearing

Your WRITTEN request for a hearing on the revocation of your Driver's License must be received by the Motor Vehicle Department within ten (10) days from the date you were served with a Notice of Revocation.

In most cases, you will be served with the Notice of Revocation by the police officer that arrested you. In rare cases, the notice will be mailed to you via registered mail.

TO MAKE A REQUEST for a hearing, STATE IN WRITING that you desire a hearing concerning the revocation of your license and either attach a photocopy of the front of the Notice of Revocation or include complete identifying information, including YOUR FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER, RETURN ADDRESS, TELEPHONE NUMBER, CITATION NUMBER, DATE OF ARREST, and ARRESTING AGENCY. Based on recent changes in the law YOU SHOULD also request that the officers involved in your DWI arrest appear in person to testify at your MVD hearing.

Or you can click HERE to download a Request for Hearing form you can download, fill out and mail in. Be sure to check the box marked "I want the officer to be a witness at my hearing."

Your request must also be accompanied by a payment of $25.00 or a sworn statement of indigency (Form MVD-10813, available at any motor vehicle field office or click HERE)

Your WRITTEN request for a hearing must be MAILED TO:

Driver's Service Bureau, Motor Vehicle Division P.O. Box 1028 Santa Fe, N.M. 87504-1028


Your request may be submitted in person at the Driver Services Bureau of the Motor Vehicle Division in the Montoya Building, 1100 S. St Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico

A telephone call cannot be accepted as your request for hearing, but if additional information is needed, the MVD phone number is (505) 827-0358 or (505) 476-3629