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Welcome to New Mexico DWI

This informational web site is intended to provide useful information to citizens accused of Driving While Intoxicated in New Mexico.

WARNING! If you have been charged with refusal to submit to a breath or blood test, or if you provided a breath sample with a B.A.C. of .08 or higher if over 21 years of age, or .04 or higher if driving a commercial vehicle, or .02 or higher if under 21 years of age, your driver's license or privilege to drive will be revoked twenty (20) days after your arrest, unless you make a written request for a hearing within ten (10) days of your arrest.

DWI Penalties

Penalties for DWI will vary depending on the facts of your case, the jurisdiction or court that you are charged in, and whether this is a first offense, second offense or other subsequent offense. It is important to note that any aggravated DWI, even a first offense aggravated, has mandatory jail time. Good legal counsel can have a great impact on the penalties as well, consider talking to an attorney soon.

Important Driver's License Information

In most cases, after your arrest for DWI you will be served with a Notice of Revocation by the police officer that arrested you. In rare cases, the notice will be mailed to you via registered mail.

You MUST make a written request for an administrative hearing or your license will be revoked.

Your WRITTEN request for a hearing on the revocation of your Driver's License must be received by the Motor Vehicle Department within ten (10) days from the date you were served with a Notice of Revocation. Your request must also be accompanied by a payment of $25.00 or a sworn statement of indigency (Form MVD-10813, available at any motor vehicle field office or click HERE)

Click HERE to download a Request for Hearing form you can print, fill out and mail in. Be sure to check the box marked "I want the officer to be a witness at my hearing."


Click Here for More License Revocation Information

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